For Organisations


Connect people to the best home, for their needs.


How it works

Liveable connects you to your current and future customers, and helps them to establish priorities and negotiate trade-offs, towards making a smart, informed housing choice. It can help differentiate your property for your customers, by demonstrate its benefits and ongoing advantages, from an independent perspective.


Connect to customers

Connecting you to current and future customers, helping you to help them make a smart housing choice, with ongoing benefits and savings.


Customer understanding

Helping you understand the priorities, preferences and values of home seekers, so you can tailor your products and services to their needs.


Product differentiation and design

Assess your project design across a range of liveability and affordability indicators, to help refine your product and tailor it to your customer markets. Demonstrate the advantages of your product to customers.


Let Liveable help you connect with customers, differentiate your services, and support positive home seeking experiences.