Make a liveable, sustainable and affordable housing choice

HomeLife provides a detailed assessment of a home you’re considering, to help you make a smarter choice for your future.


HomeLife helps you choose a home that saves money and improves your life.

HomeLife assesses and rates the liveability of your potential home against 5 lifestyle factors.


Getting around

Accessing low-cost and sustainable transport.


Being healthy

Living in ways that support personal health and wellbeing.

Enjoying life

Access to entertainment and recreation facilities and spaces.


Saving money

Reducing your living expenses, including travel costs, energy and time.


Being green

Minimising the consumption of energy, water and resources.


How it works

HomeLife tells you how a potential home choice will affect your lifestyle and finances into the future. It helps you choose the right home for you, through wide-ranging analysis of the accessibility, health, financial, lifestyle and sustainability measures of that home, and how these will affect your experience living there.


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The whole picture

Homelife provides you with all the information, so you have the complete picture and can be confident in your housing choice.


Nothing to hide

Homelife is non affiliated, so we are the neutral body you need to tell you what’s actually going on.


Compare with ease

Use Homelife to compare your shortlisted properties and be assured that you’re getting value for your money.


It’s time to think about the future

Improve your lifestyle and community connections, lower your costs and environmental impact - all by choosing the right home for you.